Ugandan donates relief items worth US$50m to Israel and Palestine

Steven Keddi 39years, a Ugandan and founder of a non government organisation known as Keddi Foundation, announced a donation of relief items worth $50m (approximately sh190b) to people in the war-torn areas of Palestine and Israel.

This was during a media briefing held at his residence in Entebbe municipality on Wednesday. He subsequently appointed some members of his staff to deliver the said relief items to the two countries.

Steven Keddi (right) giving out money to Dafarah Sekanjako to be delivered to the people of Palestine as relief

In a breakdown, the money will be used to purchase 50 tons of food for people in each of the two countries plus 20,000 tents to the people in Israel and 50,000 tents for the people in Palestine.

“This donation is a testament of our commitment to alleviate the suffering caused by the conflict,” noted Charles Kafero who is referred to as the foundation president.

On his part, Keddi said, the donation has no political attachments. “This is done in the spirit of humanity with no borders,” he remarked. Whereas he prides himself a billionaire in Uganda, Keddi revealed that the donation was got from several partners whom he declined to mention.

Steven Keddi (3rd right) issuing a dummy cheque to Elvis Musiige (left) as witnessed by several religious faithfuls as a donation to the war-torn Israel

One Elvis Musiige, a member of Keddi foundation was appointed to lead a delegation headed to Israel to deliver the relief items whereas Dafarah Sekanjako will lead the team that will travel to Palestine to deliver the relief items.

“We are traveling to these two countries in order to link up with respective offices or ministries to which the donation in terms of money, can be wired to buy the relief items,” Musiige explained.

After issuing a dummy cheque towards the two countries, Keddi handed over cash money to the delegation for travel facilitation. It remains unclear whether Uganda’s ministry of foreign affairs will be involved by the Keddi foundation, to deliver the said relief items.

Some of the religious faithfulls receiving a dummy cheque from Steven Keddi (2nd right) as a donation towards the war-torn Palestine

The war between Palestine and Israel which erupted on october 7, is said to have claimed 21,000 lives of Palestinians whereas 13,868 are said to have been injured. On the other hand, 2,927 people in Israel are said to have died and 3,759 injured.

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