Uganda Pilgrims return from Mecca

A group of 10 pilgrims on Saturday 30th April 2022 returned to Uganda from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group led by former Supreme Mufti, Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa returned home after a successful pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina.

Ndirangwa called on muslims to maintain the devotedness and good behaviour exhibited during the holy month of Ramadan. “Every muslim should work hard to keep up the good traits shown during the Ramadan period in order to earn rewards from Allah.” he said

“We need to see muslims as advocates of peace, they need to emulate the examples of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their daily lives. Those that can afford to do Hajj and Umrah should strive to accomplish the pilgrimage.” Ndirangwa revealed

The former Mufti also thanked Allah for granting them safe travels to and from Mecca and Madina.

The group is part of over 300 Ugandans that visted Mecca and Madina this year to fulfil. Hajj and Umrah are important pillars of Islam and it is mandatory for all muslims that have been blessed with the capacity to complete the pilgrimages.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this year alone has received over one million pilgrims from across the world owing to relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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