Entebbe Muslims receive Eid Donation

Muslims in Entebbe on Saturday 30th April 2022 received a donation worth UGX 2million to help them celebrate Eid al-Fitr from Entebbe Division B Chairperson Richard Ssekyondo.

The donation including rice, cooking oil, soft drinks among other items was received by Entebbe Muslim County head Rashid Muyingo. The items were distributed to muslims in need with emphasis on the incarcerated and the bed ridden.

Ssekyondo told Gateway News that the timely donation is intended to foster unity amongst locals and as well end religious discrimination.

“We are all citizens of the world regardless of religion and tribe, standing with one another works towards attaining unity and peace for all and through this we can be able to grow as one.” he added

Sheikh Muyingo said he was delighted by the generous gesture extended by the Division B Chairperson.

Muslims are set to celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Monday 2nd April 2022 to make the end of the 30 day Ramadan fasting period.

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