UFL: Makerere’s captain narrates scary scenes in the game against YMCA

There were ugly and scary scenes in the Pepsi University Football League game between YMCA Comprehensive Institute and Makerere University at Buwambo grounds on Thursday.

While speaking to Gateway News Makerere’s assistant captain Shemah Mukhwana narrated what the team went through before and after the game suffered a premature end.

“On arrival, YMCA fans threw it to us that we could not pick a point from their ground something that looked like normal football banter,” he kicks off the story.

“We started the game well and earned an early lead and that’s when the violence started when the rowdy fans went behind our (Makerere) goal pepper,” the forward added.

Bahinguzi Owemugisha scored in the 20th minute to give Makerere the lead which stood for only four minutes before Benon Kigenyi levelled matters.

Scenes after the game was halted | Courtesy Photo

With four minutes to play in the first stanza, John Ndugu placed the hosts ahead sending the crowds on their feet since they had completed a hard-fought comeback.

“We (players) wanted to play and conclude the game but they were stoning us and most of our players are not in a good shape completely

“They later threw a tear gas can on the pitch and we ran for safety to halt any chance of getting intoxicated. We have evidence that we were harmed and are ready to show what happened.

Tear gas can | Courtesy Photo

“Football is a game of love and joy, as Makerere, we detest any form of violence and act that can put the beautiful game in disrepute.”

“The game was halted a few minutes to the break, we later sat and waited for close to an hour to see what would happen next but we were told to leave and wait for the verdict from the organisers,” the student offering Bachelor of Science in Business Commerce concluded.

Players waiting to hear the final say before they learnt the game had ended | Courtesy Photo

This website tried to reach the YMCA camp but by the time this story was published, we have not yet heard from them.

However, information reaching us is that the matter is under review, and the organisers will continue to investigate the developments as they wait for the referee’s report to make a verdict.

The tournament continues as the defending champions UCU host Kumi University on Saturday May 21, 2022.

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  1. It was so scary….those guys stoned us while getting out of their premises…..stones were flying everywhere😂😂…. honestly they were really good at stoning

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