UCU Graduation: Prof. Mushengyezi hails parents for handling tuition burden

Uganda Christian University (UCU) Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi was full of delight and applauded the parents and sponsors of the graduates who managed to pay tuition amidst the challenging times.

The remarks were made during the virtual 22nd graduation ceremony at the new UCU football grounds on Friday, October 21, 2021, during a cloudy afternoon.

“I would like to salute all the parents and guardians who faced the financial burden to see that these students complete their education journey amidst a hard time,” Mushengyezi said during the graduation ceremony.

“For many of you (students) it is your parents who carried the burden while to some it is other guardians such as relatives, friends, inlaws, organisations or well-wishers whom God brought to your hands,” he added

“They are special because they have walked this long and arduous journey with you. Do not forget these unsung heroes and heroines that have made your dream come true,” The Vice-Chancellor called upon the students.

“Let us celebrate them because without them the journey would be more of a fairytale. Above all let us not forget it is all about God,” He added.

“Many have planted that good seed in us and others have watered it but as the Apostle Paul observes, it is God that been making it grow through all factors,”

The soft-spoken Prof went ahead and applauded the students who also put up a spritted display amidst the challenges that were caused by the reigning pandemic (Covid-19).

“I congratulate you (students) all on reaching this graduation day. This is a day to look forward to in the life of every student and parent,”

“I know it has taken a lot of hard work for you to get to this moment when you can celebrate your well-deserved academic achievement. Management and staff of UCU to celebrate this success with you.” He concluded.

The few graduates that represented the Bachelor’s of Art in Mass Communication and Journalism class.

Kefa Ssenoga a graduate of Bachelor’s of Art in Education told Gatewaynews that it has been hard to get to this day but the struggle and challenges have been worth it.

“At one time I thought I might not reach this day only because of how people were losing their lives to the hard striking Covid19. We lost colleagues, family members and prominent people but I thank God I made it,”

“I look forward to spreading the knowledge I have got to the world at large. I have learnt a lot at UCU and I can confirm I am no longer the same person that joined this institution four years back,”

“I would like to thank my parents, lecturers and friends who have guided me and pushed me throughout the course. May God bless them abundantly.” Ssenoga concluded.

A total of 3770 have graduated at the ‘Tower of excellence in the heart of Africa’. 1713 of those were female while 1657 were male with only 95 gaining a first-class degree.

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