Rulinda unmoved by Court of Appeal Ruling

Entebbe Municipality Mayor, Fabrice Rulinda said Friday he was unmoved by the Court of Appeal ruling. “Our mission, our vision, our sight is still focusing on the works of Entebbe. My focus is to make Entebbe greater, to move it from the slumber it has been in for the last 10 years” he said

Rulinda contends that going to retrial will give his litigation team a chance to cross-examine witnesses since election petition cases are reliant on affidavits sworn by witnesses.

“The reason as to why the court has asked to call the witness is to ascertain whether the affidavits are theirs because they were defected. We happy and obliged to comply with the law,” he said

The Mayor said he will not indulge in small talk, “social media banter” and propaganda circulated by Kayanja and his agents.

He however reiterated to comments made by Kayanja after the ruling that his mandate was given by the Electoral Commission and Special Forces Command(SFC) of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces(UPDF).

Rulinda said one can not have a mandate without the blessing of the Electoral Commission.

He assured his constituents that he will still exercise the mandate given to him. “I will continue working since all leadership comes from God. I’ll serve as long as God wants me to,” he said

The Court of Appeal ruled that the election petition filed by former Entebbe Mayor, Vincent Kayanja contesting Rulinda’s victory in the 2021 polls is retried in the High Court.

Kayanja, in his petition wants court to nullify Rulinda’s victory and rather declare him as the duly elected Mayor of Entebbe Municipality.

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