Police to form a station in every sub-county amid new rejig

The Uganda Police Force is to improve service delivery through reorganization and consolidation of units.

The move that is currently being piloted in Kampala Metropolitan Area and in the Central Regions of Savannah, Katonga, Ssezibwa and Wamala is intended to extend to all the 2624 sub counties of the country.

Following a directive given to police by President Yoweri Museveni during the 25th Police Council Meeting in November 2019 in which he ordered police to review its territorial policing doctrine, by focusing more on policing at the Sub-county level, to help increase efficiency, consistency and stronger partnership with the community at that level, the police have conducted a study of the proposed subcounty policing model to ensure an effective policing policy of the urban and rural communities.

The model is based on the need to enhance police visibility, automation of policing services through advanced technology, consolidation of the available resources and assets at the sub-county. In addition, the key aspects of the model would involve; the establishment of at least one police station per sub-county, deployment of not less than 20 personnel, deployment of motorcycle squads, installation of counter phones that are popularized among residents, dedicated counter response teams, critical facilities, modern lockup facilities, better accommodation and medical services.

It is upon a thorough study of this model that a framework of its implementation was done and is currently being piloted in the above-mentioned areas. The police will after its success consider extending to all the 2624 sub counties across the country.

In a release dated 5th October 2022, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson indicated that the implementation of the model will take a phased approach as per the available resources.

Some local leaders in the piloted areas have however expressed concerns over reduced police response and visibility due to distance which they say might impact safety and security in their localities. They also say that the merger of forces will impair performance in the local policing.

Enanga however confirmed that the restructuring and reorganization is in its pilot phase and a full spectrum of police services will continue to be provided in a more effective and efficient manner.

“Therefore, the merger of forces under the sub-county policing model, has good potential and will not necessarily lead to a decline in local policing, since the sub-county is still at a local level. We will be able to maintain community level outcomes and relationships and sustain the neighborhood policing strategies.”

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