IREAD opens up an Educational institution in Luwero

The Institute for Rural Education and Development (IREAD) opened up an IREAD Alim Early Childhood Development and Fatma Bai Resource Centre in Luwero district.  

The Alim ECD and Fatma Bai Resource Centre bring the IREAD footprint in Uganda to 19 centers, adding to the IREAD presence in West Nile (4 centers), Central (5 centers), Eastern (5 centers), and Western (4 centers). 

According to Zahir Lavji, the Chairman, of IREAD Canada & IREAD USA, the ECD Centres are built through collaborative efforts led by IREAD, a Canada-based NGO, and all centers offer activity-based learning for children aged 3 to 6 and over 50 children have already enrolled.

“The Ministry of Education and Sports, the Church of Uganda, and the Buganda Kingdom have all endorsed IREAD’s intervention and excellence in Early Childhood Education offered at IREAD ECD Centres. Rotary is a key partner, encouraging community support and ensuring their involvement in the projects,” he added.

He also noted that such centers are built in communities where early childhood education programming is not already being offered and many are built on land donated by the Church of Uganda, Buganda Kingdom, and other private Ugandan foundations.

In addition, Lavji also remarked that IREAD raises funds from donors in Canada and the United States, many of whom have family ties to Uganda and local Ugandan families to build, furnish, and equip new ECD Centres, and to train ECD teachers.

Owek. Cotilda Nakate Kikomeko the Buganda minister for Social Services in the office of the Nnabagereka who represented the Buganda Queen appreciated the IREAD family for the great collaboration and value addition to the community.

“The Kabaka has got a lot of partnerships with various organizations, IREAD is one of them, and in the construction of this facility He gave out land and some materials,” she said.

She also noted that in the Kingdom’s strategic plan for 2023 – 2028, the education ministry is tasked with providing much more education that is accessible, and with such partners, they will be able to deliver the strategic plan of Buganda so that more people get education.

On behalf of the Kingdom, Owek. Kikomeko expressed gratitude to IREAD and pledged to continue supporting the program as far as the memorandum of understanding is concerned.


IREAD is a leader in partnering with local stakeholders to build Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres and facilitate Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Uganda and Northern Pakistan. This work has given over 2600 children aged 3-6 the best chance possible to change the trajectory of their entire community, forever.

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