Police should consistently enforce Traffic rules on Boda-bodas

On the bright Friday evening at Abaita-Ababiri junction in Katabi town council, Wakiso district, unidentified boda-boda rider nearly met his grave, after losing control over his bike.

According to eye witnesses, the rider was trying to “run”passed traffic lights that had flashed a red light, signalling all motor engines that were heading to Entebbe, to stop. But the rider chose to continue passed the lights before ramming into a vehicle which had been cleared (by the traffic lights) to cross.

This, among several other related incidences are synonymous with boda-bodas. They seem to be having a right of way, no wonder their type of transport is regarded as the quickest in Uganda.

On August 28, 2021, Aisat Nandutu the OC Traffic in charge of Kajjansi area arrested three Journalists who were traveling on a single motorcycle. According to Nandutu, the motorcycle was impounded for violation of curfew and carrying two passengers (pillion riding) “which is contrary to TRSA as well as the presidential directive.”

She added that the trio had been arrested for riding “without a driving license, no third party insurance and the rider had no helmet and driving permit with him.” It was surprising and relieving at the same time, to learn that there are traffic rules meant to regulate boda-bodas in Uganda. The question and concern remains of how such regulations are sparingly and randomly invoked.

There have always been times when hundreds of motorcycles (read boda-bodas) are seen parked at several police stations/posts. This usually follows a swoop laid by the police for particular reasons other than road regulations. Ranging from presidential directives to other reasons, these commercial motor cycles are apprehended to fill the compounds of several police stations, only to ‘disappear’ few weeks after.

As police officers stand by the roadside everyday to enforce traffic laws, should be a regular way boda-boda riders are called to order without having to wait for a Christmas eve or a presidential swearing-in ceremony.

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