Panic at Entebbe Police as inmates break cells

Attempting to escape, the inmates at Entebbe police station broke the cells on Friday evening compelling a police officer on duty, to fire bullets. Orchestrating the plan, was one Ronald Sekiganda commonly known as Kagere, a renown serial rapist who had been arrested recently, in areas of Kajjansi town council.

Sources at Entebbe police intimated that during the attempted escape plan, other inmates were banging basins among other stuff to create a diversionary noise, as Kagere and his clique were breaking the iron-bars and doors.

Sekiganda who is commonly known as Kagere, upon his arrest

“What is even more shocking, Kagere had remained handcuffed while in cells. But he managed to uncuff himself and together with a couple of others, they broke the cells,” intimated a source at Entebbe police station.

When Gateway News reporter reached Entebbe police station the following day Saturday, welders were seen fixing the broken doors and more police officers deployed to guard the cells. Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala metropolitan police deputy spokesperson confirmed the incident and said, another file of escaping from lawful custody, has been opened up against the duo.

Kagere was arrested on September 24, from areas of Kajjansi on charges of robbery and rape. He was later transferred to Entebbe police station where most of his criminal cases had been recorded. In a group of several Panga-welding men who are still at large, Kagere had been terrorising residents of Entebbe municipality, Katabi town council and Kajjansi town council. For a long time, he had eluded arrest until a joint effort of security forces intensified a wider hunt for his group.

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