Local leaders advised against high Expectations

While inducting Katabi town council councillors, Ronald Kalema the area chairperson advised his juniors against carrying high expectations to political offices saying, it breeds disappointments and corruption tendencies.

Kalema noted that many councilors vying for office, tend to sell off their property such as land, houses and cars in pursuance of such offices. “In the end, they come here hoping to mint a lot of returns which is not the case, given the duties, obligations and privileges spelt out by the law, for each leader,” noted Kalema.

Paddy Kakumba (left) the Katabi town clerk and Ronald Kalema the toen council boss

The one-time assistant Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of Wakiso district Marion Masagazi guided councillors on their duties, local government system in Uganda, council operations like rules of procedure, quorum among other procedures on how local councils operate.

The induction workshop which was held at Sky beach hotel in Katabi town council was attended by over 40 councillors among other leaders in Wakiso district. Katabi Towncouncil is one of the eight town councils in wakiso district neighbouring Kajjansi town council and Entebbe Municipality on Kampala – Entebbe road.

Hajji Noor Njuki the deputy Resident District Commissioner of Entebbe who officially opened up the workshop, talked about the relationship between central government and local government in the development of Uganda, asking them to love their country.

Godfrey Kunihira, the former Wakiso CAO and currently heading the technocrats of Buikwe district, inducted councillors on the objectives of the local government act CAP 243, functions of local leaders, financial management in local government, budget and sources of revenue in local government, their roles in revenue mobilisation, parish development model and urban agenda.

Wakiso district LCV chairperson Matia Lwanga Bwanika while closing up the induction training, emphasised the best practices for peaceful management of council business between technical staff and elected leaders. He also requested all the councillors to work together regardless of their political affiliation so as to attain the town council goals and objectives.

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