Kirya ready to go again after recovering from long-term injury

After more than one and a half years, Ambrose Kirya is smiling again on the training field following recovery from long term injury.

Kirya hasn’t played in a competitive match since the midfield schemer suffered an Anterior Cruciate ligament [ ACL] tear in his left knee in the summer of 2020 while in a preseason training at Kyabazinga stadium.

He missed last season and the first round of this campaign, but he has been training with teammates and he has received clearance to kick the ball in a competitive match again after recovering fully and returning to full fitness.

Kirya has now opened up about the unforgiving fate and life after darkness and grief struck him.

“It took me a month to believe and accept that I was severely injured,” he said.

“At first, I thought it was a minor injury that could heal in just one or two weeks, but then I realized it was severe after the scan.”

“I felt so bad but I didn’t have anything to do about it. I just had to go through the healing process so that I come back stronger.”

Most players curse injuries and not being able to play the game and Kirya is not any different from them as playing football is like a way of life to him.

He said it tormented him especially in the first days but he eventually accepted the reality and followed the health experts’ therapy.

“I accepted that I was injured, then I settled down and took my time to heal. My doctors helped me a lot. They always encouraged me to do certain drills that helped me to recover.“

“Everyone should expect the best from me, ranging from beautiful passing to creating and scoring goals. We have trained well as a team, therefore, I am prepared for the season and ready to go.“

He was so thankful to the coaches, teammates and fans of BUL FC. He was equally grateful to the club chairman.

“I want to thank the BUL FC family teammates and coaches for being there for me in what I should call a trying moment. They have been very supportive and patient.”

“In a special way, I thank chairman Ronald Barente for believing in my talent. He let me remain on the team despite being injured and he has done a great job to see me better and also get back on the field.”

Kirya is expected to re-enforce BUL’s attacking midfield that is already well stocked with exciting talents.

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