Elon Musk drops famed Twitter Bird logo for Dog icon

When you open the Twitter web, the loading screen will show the new Twitter logo of Kabosu, the Shiba Inu that inspired the Doge meme. The display picture of Twitter’s homepage is also replaced by the same.

The doge meme replaces the Twitter’s long iconic blue bird logo.

Elon Musk announced the change on Twitter in a screenshot of a conversation he posted with a caption “As Promised.” In the conversation, Musk discusses with a Twitter user @WSBChairman who suggests that Musk should buy Twitter and change the bird. Elon seems to sarcastically affirm to this by his response “Haha that would sick”.

This however is still considered a joke from April 1st Fool’s day. It’s not yet fully known whether it’s bigger than that assumption. 

Interestingly, the little stunt has hiked the price of cryptocurrency Dogecoin by 10 percent but still lower than it’s peak price in May 2021.

Notably, Musk is facing a $258 million racketeering lawsuit that accused him of operating a pyramid scheme to promote Dogecoin.

This follows a series of changes and developments that Musk has introduced to the social app since he took over ownership in 2022.

In other news, Musk announced that all the legacy accounts on the platform will lose their blue checkmarks starting April 1. While the verification sign has vanished for many, reportedly Musk does not have enough staff to get done with the procedure faster.

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