Zonal Qualifiers: Nabbumba Opens Up About Her Escalating Form

After netting the winner to guide her team into the finals of the CAF Women Champions League Qualifiers, She Corporates midfielder Phiona Nabbumba has revealed the secret behind her performance.

In a post match interview, Nabbumba pointed out hardwork as the key factor behind her performance.

The 2021-2022 FUFA Women Super league MVP noted that she always puts in the necessary effort for the team and that has helped to carry her from the player she was onto the next level.

My performance is due to my hardwork , I do my best for the team and also desire to see my team moving from it’s current level to the next level.” she told the press.

Nabbumba also thanked her teammates and the coaches who she believes have given in their best for the team’s current performance and the fans who she said never gave up on them despite their early loss in the group stages.

I thank my teammates for the much effort. The Coaches and also the supporters though we had a loss in the group stages they kept on pushing us” she said

Nabbumba has delivered a superb performance in the CAF women’s champions league qualifiers registering six goals and five assists in only four games .

However it’s not a surprise to many having put up a brilliant performance too in the just concluded FUFA women’s super league registering eight assists and five goals .

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