Archbishop Ssemwogerere: Youths should seize local entrepreneurial opportunities

St. Pope John Paul II named palm Sunday the international youth day to emulate the youth of Jerusalem who accompanied Jesus carrying palms of victory, as he triumphantly entered the Holy city to carry the cross on which he was crucified to save all believers from their sins.

This year’s celebrations was held at Mary Queen of Virgins Kisubi parish and started with a holy mass that was led by the Kampala Archbishop Paul Ssemwogerere.

During the 2022 international youth day celebration mass, the main celebrant Paul Ssemwogerere Kampala Archbishop advised youth to take advantages of all local opportunities in regardless of the nature of the job as long as it earns to avoid misunderstandings and loss of lives since many are being killed, abused and others kidnaped while working in countries abroad.

He as well emphasized the need of not losing hope in anyway which has led many youth to temptations but to stay focused and determined in making their dreams possible.Simon Peter Mukasa the youths chairperson Kampala archdiocese, sent a message of good will and hope which was mostly derived from the theme; “Totya, situka, twaala olunnyo lwo otambule (Mark 2:11)”.

He also put it clear that youth need more encouragement, hope, and supportive messages so he requested the elders to continue supporting the youth so that they recover financially, spiritually, and socially.

Fr. Joseph Luzindana the director youth and children apostolate thanked God for enabling them celebrate this day after 2 years of lockdown due to the COVID – 19 pandemic which he said that was a very challenging period to every individual and the youth apostolate as a whole since the programs came to standstill, many youth lost jobs, studies, lives and dear ones.

He also reviewed that Lord has been good and provident since He has kept us alive, sent us a new archbishop, the most Rev. Paul Ssemwogerere despite the challenges.

Ronald Kalema the chairperson Katabi town council advised youth to not despise jobs, to be trustworthy and working hard towards their goals and objectives in order for them to be successful in life.

He also urged the government to involve the youth in the ministry of youth leadership since it’s them that knows more of their challenges than the elders who are being putted in youth positions.

Matia Lwanga Bwanika the Lcv chairperson wakiso district emphasized archbishop Paul Ssemwogerere’s advice to the youth of not taking risks of moving to abroad and not losing hope but to remain focused in making the dreams possible with the local opportunities.

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