Uganda Airlines reacts to Viral “nsenene” Video

National Airliner Uganda Airlines has come out to respond to a viral video that has been making rounds on social media of a passenger selling local delicacy nsenene (grasshoppers) on a flight that was en route to Dubai.

The local carrier has come out to condemn the “disruptive” actions of the passenger, citing “low standards” and the unhygienic manner in which they were served.

In a detailed statement released by the airline, the action has been deemed undermining to “the spirit of the National Carrier.”

Screen grabs from the viral video

However, the airline hopes to pick a positive lesson from the incident and will be considering adding the delicacy to their menu.

“We are considering adding Nsenene, a Ugandan delicacy,to ourmenuforregionalandinternationalflightsonrequest.Thisadditionof Nsenene on our menu will bring the Ugandan culture to the world. Our key products are people and the experience. This move will boost tourism marketing and the livelihood of people in the grasshopper value chain going forward.” The statement reads

The airline has confirmed that they are in touch with the involved passengers and will take action in case of “another occurrence.”

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