UCU inaugurates 24th Guild Leadership

Uganda Christian University (UCU) 24th government took oath of office in a ceremony held at Nkoyoyo Hall on Thursday.

The Vice-Chancellor, Aaron Mushegyenzi oversaw the procession amid chants and jubilations from spectating students.

Before the new Guild President Racheal Mirembe Sserwadda together with the Members of Parliament were sworn in, Mushegyenzi beseeched them to protect the image of the institution.

“We are a God-fearing institution and we ought to keep that in mind and also at our hearts, I call upon the new leaders to guard our image,” he stressed.

The election process was supposed to be held on Friday, November 19 but it was later pushed to Wednesday, November 24 due to a fault in the online system.

Mushegyenzi commended the organisers of the election but also thanked the students who kept calm even after the extension of the voting day.

“I am aware that the voting day was extended and if it was another institution, students would jump into a strike but you guys exhibited maturity and order,”

“Now that our leaders have sworn in the next item on agenda will be working and as the administration, we promise to support them through the time they will spend in office,”

“Before I finish, I would like to also call upon the student to work hand in hand with the guild government to see that we build the institution on to the next level,” he concluded.

Among the witnesses of the ceremony was Phillip Bravo Ayebare who lost the Guild President seat to Sserwadda a gesture that Mushegyenzi termed as a peaceful and religious act.

A reformer once said, “The world is a bad place only because good people have failed to do the right thing.”

With the above quote, Ayebare proved all sense of brotherhood and maturity as he came to congratulate his immediate opponent.

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