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According to statistics from UNFPA , over 10000 girls gave birth during the lockdown period that we have just passed through, so the Naffe Tusome Campaign together with Young Women Coalition on Tuesday 01st march offered a word of encouragement and scholastic materials to over 80 young girls and women of Kigungu in away of motivating them to go back for further education. The donation included scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets and pads among others.

Most of the teen mothers that gave birth during the two years period of lockdown showed the interest of going back to school due to the fact that they have faced a lot of challenges mainly being ignored by their parents and guardians for having annoyed them however they have no resources that can enable them to go back for further education whereby they took this donation a blessing to them.

Betty Ethel Naluyima the Wakiso woman legislator while giving a word of encouragement to the teen mothers, she emphasized the need of taking back these girls to school in away of making their dreams come true and for the better future.

She also condemned the act of not taking these young souls back to school done by some parents and guardians yet they need to be motivated to not lose hope of attaining their goal.

She concluded by urging parents to advise, motivate and take these young ones who gave birth during the lockdown period back to school because it’s the only way that can help them excel in future.

Lilian Babirye the CEO of Babirye Cares Foundation stated that over 600 girls have joined the foundation so that they can get support especially education through going back to school yet the organization doesn’t have enough resources which have forced them to start soliciting funds from doners in away of finding means of helping these young ones.

She also stated that their is a need of law intervention since many teen girls have failed to get justice because they are dealing with rich people that impregnated them who thinks that are above the law, however as an organization, she said that they have employed good lawyers who will help seek justice for such girls.

Lawrence Mukiibi on behalf of the residents thanked hon Betty Ethel Naluyima together with madam Lillian Babirye for having chosen their area for this donation.

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