Striking Teachers should get back to class- Minister Kaducu

Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu the State Minister for Primary Education, has asked striking teachers to return to class as the government works on their salary enhancement.

On Wednesday last week, teachers, under their umbrella body kicked off their industrial action protesting what they termed as “discriminatory salary enhancement of teachers”.

The Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) demands equality and harmonization of salary enhancement among teachers of different subjects, support staff, and school administrators.

Speaking during an interview on a local television stations this morning, Kaducu said that as a government they are aware that there is a problem with salary enhancement citing government is ready to negotiate with the teachers.

“We are right at the table of negotiations. But while we negotiate, the teachers should not abandon the children because their future lies in the books,” said Kaducu.

She also urged the teachers to respect their God-given calling.

“Teaching is a calling, and if you know it’s your calling, you will always feel motivated because you know that the God who called you will reward you at the appropriate time. Let the teaching continue.” she said.

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