Sahara Group Foundation, Asharami Uganda Unveil Africa’s Next Generation Innovators

In an inspiring event that seamlessly blended creativity, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to shaping Africa’s future, Asharami Uganda Limited, a Sahara Group downstream company, and Sahara Group Foundation, the social sustainability vehicle for Sahara Group, hosted the second edition of the Sahara STEAMers Programme- National Demo Day competition.

The Sahara STEAMers programme, an afterschool initiative in partnership with STEMCafe, was established in 2022 with the primary aim of fostering innovation, creativity, and excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education among secondary school students in Africa.

Equipping participants with the knowledge and skills required to create innovative solutions addressing real-world problems across various sectors, including energy, agriculture, security, healthcare, and transportation; the programme is instrumental in creating a pipeline of Africa’s next generation leaders and social innovators.

The Ugandan Demo Day Event this year featured students from Rise and Shine Secondary School and Mariam High School. Collaborating in teams, the students passionately presented their innovative solutions to a panel of judges.

The Demo Day showcased a diverse group of young Ugandan problem solvers with brilliant prototype designs aimed at tackling prevalent social issues in their communities.

Captivated by the students’ dedication to making a tangible impact on their communities, Gray Ejiro, Director of Sahara Group Foundation, expressed immense pride in all the participating teams. She noted that, the 2023 Sahara STEAMers programme showcased the intelligence, creativity, and passion of the students, many of whom were experiencing their first exposure to technology and the practical applications of STEM learnings in addressing real-life problems and inventing innovative solutions.

She urged participants to take the skills acquired from the program, continue to seize opportunities to hone them, and use them to drive positive change in the society. Ejiro emphasised that the inspiration witnessed, reinforces both Sahara Group Foundation and Asharami Uganda’s investment in empowering young minds across Africa.

Also speaking at the event, the Business Development Manager at Asharami Uganda Limited, Moses Abimpeire, lauded the extraordinary accomplishments of the participating students. “The Sahara STEAMers programme is helping to nurture young talents in Uganda, a commitment pivotal to the company’s vision for a sustainable and innovative future for Uganda,” Abimpeire remarked.

The business development manager explained that the investment in the Sahara STEAMers programme is not only about empowering individual students but also an investment in Uganda’s growth and development.

After an engaging and spirited competition, the judges commended the students, acknowledging their impressive capacity to conceive and develop viable solutions before announcing the winners.

Team Imperial Tech from Rise and Shine Secondary School secured the top position with their ingenious Soil Moisture Detector solution, a pivotal tool in preventing over-cultivation.

Following closely, Team Imperial Tech B, also from Rise and Shine Secondary School, clinched the first runner-up spot, showcasing their innovative E-Window. This cutting-edge creation employs a light sensor to intelligently automate window operations based on the time of day.

The second runner-up position was claimed by Team Digital Artists from Mariam High School, presenting their Robotic Arm solution designed to optimize tasks within a factory setting.

As we celebrate the impressive innovations showcased, and the unveiling of Africa’s next generation social innovators, it is evident that the synergy between education and innovation is pivotal for Africa’s advancement.

Through empowering programmes like the Sahara STEAMers, Asharami Uganda Limited and Sahara Group Foundation are pushing to pave way for a more resilient, prosperous, and sustainable Africa.

About Sahara Group Foundation

Sahara Group Foundation is Sahara Group’s vehicle for social sustainability with a focus on promoting access to energy and sustainable environments, ultimately helping to build sustainable societies. The Sahara Group Foundation anchors its volunteering work through its Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR) initiatives that give employees platforms to make a difference through various projects.

About Asharami Uganda Limited

Asharami Uganda Limited is a downstream company of the Sahara Group, a leading international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Asharami Uganda is a leading downstream company that promotes access to clean, safe and reliable energy in Uganda through the supply of premium quality petroleum products.

About Sahara Group Sahara Group is a leading international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations in over 42 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Sahara Group is a dynamic and transformative leader in various energy sub-sectors via its power (generation and distribution), downstream, midstream, upstream and infrastructure.

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