Rays Of Grace Retain Buganda Schools Championship

Over the weekend the Rays of Grace defended their bragging rights after defending the Buganda Primary Schools Championship

The victory was achieved after the defending champions went past Janan Primary School, Bombo in the finals played on Saturday August 13, 2022 at the Janan Schools in Bombo by a tremendous defeat of 3-0 scoreline.

The second half dangerous substitute, Henry Sserwadda broke the prison gates for Rays of Grace and they tapped in to put the Buikwe-based school on the lead just five minutes on the pitch, just before Francis Balaba doubled their lead.

Sserwadda is praised for having placed the last nail in Janan’s casket, scoring with a shot from the left flank.

Rays of Grace and Janan join in prayer after the game | UYFA Photo

As the kings and queens of the championship were being crowned, Mr Roberts Kiwanuka who is the Chairman of the Uganda Youth Football Association (UYFA), went ahead and implored schools to always employ qualified and satified coaches at the foundation stages of football.

I call upon school administrators to always employ qualified disciplined coaches because at this age, players are at a stage where most of things they see and hear are stored on their memories,” Mr Kiwanuka stated.

Mr Kiwanuka also added that the leading body of football in Uganda which is non other than FUFA and all association members usually stage capacity building courses, not only in coaching, but also on the side of administrators, and he went ahead and asked all stakeholders in youth football, especially schools, to participate in these courses.

Buganda Region Football Association Development Officer, Mr Wilberforce Ssemwogerere, thanked all schools and other stakeholders for having always invested in the game.

We, as Buganda Region FA, are thankful to the schools and the football fraternity for all that they have invested in the game of football,” Mr Ssemwogerere said.

Bombo Umea Primary School were crowned champions of FUFA Primary Schools Championship Odilo (Buganda Region) in the Girls category.

In the Girls category, three (3) schools turned up, and the format used was the ‘point robin’, and here, Bombo Umea defeated all teams to top the group with six (6) points and five (5) goals.

Rays of Grace Junior School will go ahead avd raise the Buganda Region flag as representatives in the National finals in the Boys category.

The finals are to be held at the FUFA Technical Centre that is found in Njeru. They will be up for the same task as they had in the inaugural championship which they went ahead to win.

Bombo Umea is also going to represent the Buganda Region Football Association in the Girls category in the National finals.

The champions in the two categories at National finals, that is, both Boys and Girls, will represent Uganda in the 2022 FEASSA Games in Arusha, Tanzania, where the top teams will represent East Africa in the World School Games in Serbia.

Results Of The Different Groups:

Group A:

Janan Primary School 3-0 Craddleland Primary School.

Sumayah International School 9-1 Nakasongola Barracks.

Craddleland Primary School 3-0 Nakasongola Barracks.

Janan Primary School 1-0 Sumaya International School.

Nakasongola Barracks 1-3 Janan Primary School.

Craddleland Primary School 0-2 Sumayah International School.

Group B:

Kunda Brain Trust 0-0 Kanjuki Junior School.

Rays of Grace Junior School 1-0 Mivule Primary School.

Kunda Brain Trust 0-1 Rays of Grace Junior School.

Kanjuki Junior School 0-0 Mivule Primary School.

Rays of Grace Junior School 1-3 Kanjuki Junior School.

Mivule Primary School 0-0 Kunda Brain Trust.

Girls Category:

Bombo Umea Primary School 2-0 Bright Parents Primary School.

Bright Parents Primary School 0-2 Nabugabo Community Primary School.

Nabugabo Community Primary School 0-3 Bombo Umea Primary School.

Semifinals (Boys):

Janan Primary School 1-0 Kanjuki Junior School.

Rays of Grace Junior School 1-0 Sumayah International School.

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