Man indicted for buying land from Deceased woman

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit(SHACU)together with the Uganda Police on Tuesday 19th April presented a man before the Mukono Magistrates Court for allegedly ‘buying’ land from a deceased owner.

Gustavus Kiwanuka was arraigned on charges of Forgery and Conspiracy to commit a felony.

It is alleged that Kiwanuka forged the signature of the late Sarah Mulira in a ploy to defraud a 28-acre piece of land in Mukono.

The prosecution further alleges that Kiwanuka also tendered his signature as a witness selling the land to his wife, Harriet Namuddu Kibuuka, Arthur Mwime, and John Menya.

Other suspects that have already been charged for their alleged involvement in the same fraudulent transaction include Hakim Bigomba, Kenneth Nsubuga Sebagayunga, Zahura Shamim, and their lawyer Musa Lukungu.

The group is accused of obtaining a Certificate of title and forging documents for the acquisition of the 28-acre piece of land located in Gwanya, Kinga, Kapeke and Nsike in Ndeeba all located in Mukono worth UGX 4 Billion.

It is alleged that the group claims to have paid USD 800,000 for the land.

The accused persons were apprehended by the SHACU and Police after they sought to defraud a banking institution using the Certificate as Collateral.

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