Man arrested for killing his brother

Enanga issued a stern warning to the public against actions associated with sibling abuse, domestic violence and child abuse. This comes days after police registered two separate incidents of murder by siblings in Isingiro and Wakiso districts respectively.

Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said Monday they have in their custody a man who is suspected to have killed his brother.

Police confirmed that they have a one Abahe David a 28 year old resident of Omukihangare cell, Bungongi Parish, Nyakitunda Cell over murder of his young brother, Joshua Abasa for a debt of Ugx 5,000.

Likewise, Police in Wakiso are on the hunt for Samson Sseruga a pupil of Mabombwe Church of Uganda for the alleged murder of his 4 year old sister Namubiru Desire at their home in Mabombwe Kirindi village Mende Subcounty in Wakiso District.

Police note that sibling abuse is often taken and kept private though it is likely to result into disagreeable consequences including depression, drugs, sexual risk behaviors, post-traumatic stress among others.

“We have noticed that sibling abuse is often considered to be a normal passage with that most children experience, and it is higher in families with domestic violence or child abuse”

Police further called upon the parents, guardians and teachers to be cautious and take relevant action in preventing and dealing with any arousing cases of sibling abuse.

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