Kampala Twin Bomb Victims named, 5 critically ill

A list of the victims of the Kampala twin bombings on Tuesday has emerged. Five of the victims are yet to be identified owing to their current state of health which has been reported to be critical. All the 33 victims are currently being treated at Mulago Hospital

The list is dominated by men and women in Uniform attached to the Uganda Police Force, one security guard among others.

The identified victims are;

  1. No. 66832 PC Kairugara Joseph
  2. Katongole Fred a resident of Katale
  3. No.64015 PC Ayebale Allan
  4. No. 50952 PC Kissa Andrew
  5. No. 65945 PC Eyotre Peter
  6. No. PC Akot Catherine
  7. No. 66827 PC Wabwire Bernard
  8. Akibua Silesian
  9. No.PC Tongwire Eunice
  10. No. PC Muhumure Nicholas
  11. No.66825 PC Ekip Isaac
  12. No.PC Adeun Mathew
  13. No. 67821 PC Ssebunya Mimu
  14. NO. 36244 PC Ojera Brian
  15. No. 67294 PC Dhibaluma Denis
  16. No. PC Osmami Stephen
  17. No. 61547 PC Birungi Doreen
  18. No. PC Nasuna Juliet
  19. No. 38942 PC Ogwal Richard
  20. No. 64113 PC Otai John Bosco
  21. No. 66187 PC Nakafero Fiona
  22. Daniel Tingu a Security Guard
  23. Nakato Perepetua
  24. Maseruka George
  25. Ongora Pius Andrew Deo
  26. Kasekende Jackson
  27. No. 39963 PC Tiberamunda Robert
  28. No. 40383 PC Watojik Patrick

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