Kalema tips teachers on student talent nurturing

Katabi Town Council Chairperson, Ronald Kalema urged teachers to identify and encourage talent growth among their students. According to Kalema, talent is not only a hobby but a career path to a comfortable life.

“It is important to focus on academic work, but it is also equally important to engage learners in other activities through which their talents can be developed and showcased. Every child is gifted differently, therefore we need to encourage the next generation of sportsmen, artists and poets,

“Industries built on talent are worth billions of dollars, we need to tap into them. All of us can not turn out to be lawyers or doctors but we all play an important role.” he said.

Kalema passed on the message while presiding over the annual Music, Dance and Drama House competitions at Entebbe Bright Senior Secondary School in Katabi, Wakiso District on Sunday 25, June 2022. Students in their respective houses namely Gideon, Elijah and Moses contended in folk songs, debate, mimes, skits and creative dances.

The Katabi boss also called on government to find a comprehensive policy on salary enhancement for all teachers in order to solve the current industrial action by arts teachers over salary disparities with their science counterparts.

During the same event, Kalema thanked the school founders for their unwavering commitment towards provision of a holistic education and also pledged to strengthen ties between the school and the Town Council leadership.

According to the School’s Headteacher, Grace Kajubi the competitions are part of the activities lined up leading to the School’s tenth anniversary celebrations later this year.

“It is a delightful moment for us to get to ten years in service, and we would like to consolidate all the successes we have reached over the years. We hope the 10 years come with growth for us and as well as our students, alumni and parents.” she remarked

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