How UK’s new Prime Minister rose to Power and Wealth

Once a new face emerges on the global stage, I would quickly research about their rising and try to figure out what code they used to emerge…

People rise majorly through 3 codes – who you marry, who you know that knows you and what you know.
TD Jakes said “nothing just happens” which means greatness is not accidental.

Let’s talk about the 3 codes:

First code is the strongest – if you miss it here, you may struggle for the rest of your life. You must be intentional with choosing Who to marry. My father said to me “Son, don’t marry because she satisfies you.

You are not looking for a sex machine – anyone can satisfy a man in bed. Look for the seed of greatness, sound mind, good upbringing and potentials for growth. That’s what a wise person looks for in a spouse – not boobs, yansh, 6 packs, Gucci or ability to do 69 etc.”

The second code is Who You Know – that’s the power of Networking. Your network will definitely affect your networth. And it’s not just about Who You Know but Who knows you. You must find a way to make those you know to also know you. That’s how they can recommend you.

The last is What You Know – the code of Knowledge. This code attracts people to you because of your special abilities, gifts or skills. This too is a powerful code. Men and women of knowledge will always dominate.

RishiSunak was helped by the woman he married….

Rishi’s parents, originally from humble Kenyan backgrounds Kenya but of Indian roots migrated to UK in search of greener pasture. Rishi was born in Southampton.

He was a student when he met his wife, Akshata Murty, the daughter of India’s Top Tech billionaire – Mr. Murty of Infosys.

After their marriage, Rishi was given shares in infoSys and a franchise of the company for the UK market. The combined value of his shares with his wife is currently worth over £730 Million – over 823 Million Dollars.

Rishi’s life has never been the same after 2009 when he stepped into marriage with Akshata. And they love each other.

Rishi and his wife are both 42 years old. His wife is just 1 month older than him.

In my mentorship programs, I emphasize on INTENTIONAL MARRIAGE. Your marriage can either Build you or destroy you.

Stop looking for a partner everyone will APPROVE OF, look for a partner who will be your partner on your journey to greatness.

Rishi has expanded the business of the Murtys. Rishi is a trained financial guru. He brought his expertise to the table of those who own the table – it’s a symbiotic relationship.

infoSys UK, the branch of his father in law’s tech business was single handedly built by him while his wife focused on her passion for fashion designing.

Rishi is going to be one of UK’s best PM. He has been groomed since 2015. He is young – just 42 and has experience in wealth creation and government.

It’s a win win for the people of the United Kingdom.

And to you, anytime you see a new face emerge suddenly on the global stage, know that they have spent their entire life intentionally building towards their defining moment.

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