Court annuls Mityana Woman Legislator Bagala’s election

The High Court has annulled the election of Joyce Bagala as Woman Legislator for Mityana District subsequent to a petition filed by the Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Judith Nabakooba.

Justice Emmanuel Baguma has ordered for a by-election citing irregularities and evidence of multiple voting in the January 14th parliamentary election. “Court finds that there were acts of non-compliance in different Polling stations in particular, at; King Faisal (ND-Z), Kiyinda A (A-M), Kiganwa Primary School, Kawoko Playground, Mityana A Kanamba, Busimbi Gombolola area (A Nak), Nandegejja, Primary School, Comprehensive S.S Campus, Kiyinda B (Nak z), Busimbi Railway (A-M) and Busimbi/Kasimbi (A-M) at Merryland Polling stations which stood out in non-compliance,” he said.

Minsiter Judith Nabakooba in a delightful manner said she was happy for her victory and hopes that elections will be fair as they go head to head with Bagala.

In her Petition, Nabakooba alleged that Bagala connived with the Electoral Commission and polling agents to bribe voters and as well amplify results. Nabakooba indicated that she had garnered 48,078 votes in second place.

However, Bagala is set to challenge the decision of the High Court. While speaking to the press, Bagala said that she is going to appeal Baguma’s decision to defend the victory of her consitituents.

Mityana District Returning officer, Mr Stephen Makubuya on January 15 declared Ms Bagala of the National Unity Platform (NUP) winner of the hotly contested race after she got 64,305 votes. The other candidate in the race, Ms Brenda Nabaliisa, garnered 1,509 votes.

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