We are benchmarking ‘Vipers SC and KCCA,’ – BUL’ s CEO

Bidco Uganda Limited (BUL) Football Club’s CEO, Joseph Mutaka has revealed that the club has set key performance references against which things are to be ran in contrast with big teams like Vipers SC and KCCA. Mutaka said this while appearing on NBS Sport.

BUL’s CEO also confirmed that they are planning ahead and they do not focusing on the utmost yield now. “We are benchmarking on big teams like KCCA FC and Vipers SC. We want to master the art that will make us thrive through the years” said Mutaka, adding that ; “That is why we are doing things in the league to be on top. ”

BUL FC had a successful 2021/22 campaign after beating Vipers SC 3-1 to clinch the Stanbic Uganda Cup title. They also finished fourth with 52 points on the 16-team log.

The triumph meant they are set to represent the country in the CAF Confederation Cup. They will face the Egyptian outfit, Future FC as their immediate hurdle on their long journey to the prestigious African club triumph.

According to Mutaka the team is ready for a busy campaign ahead that will see them playing more games than usual.

The squad that beat Vipers SC in the Uganda Cup | BUL Photo

Team scrutiny is ongoing and preparations are underway. We look forward to yet a successful season though we know it will be busy and crowded than usual.”asserted Mutaka.

BUL training during Pre-Season | BUL Photo

We have signed quality players and strengthened further our technical team to see that we meet the required standards to take on the test ahead,” he added.

BUL FC managed to acquire seven players namely; Frank Kalanda, Ronald Otti, Emmanuel Obua, Tom Ikara, Athony Mayanja and Benon Tahomera.

They also added gaffer Simeon Masaba to boast their technical wing led by Alex Isabirye.

However Mutaka was quick to highlight that they will not allow to be overtaken by their success but rather stick on the plan because they hope to yield the best after three years.

We are building a team that will compete. We are focused and our objective is to capture more young talents and shape them into better players. We shall start yielding three years from now,” he strongly noted.

BUL FC will host the first leg against Future FC between September 9 to 11 before making a trip to Cairo to face Egyptian outfit between September 16 to 18.

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