UYFA Holds an Executive Committee Meeting ahead of the busy Football Year 2022

The Uganda Youth Football Association (UYFA) on Friday 28th January held the 19th executive committee meeting at Kenendia Hotel, Katwe of Kampala Region.

Key Decisions approved by UYFA Exco includes approving of Member Academies.

Among the approved academies include Olympia Soccer Academy, Bukomansimbi Eagles Soccer Academy, Mbale Tigers Soccer Academy, Lukaaya Soccer Academy, Iteen Soccer Academy, Spot the Talent Football Academy, Calvary Soccer Academy and Wakiso Soccer Academy.

Others include Ubuntu Soccer Foundation Academy, Inspire Talented Soccer Academy, West Nile Rhino Sports Club Academy, Eleos Soccer Academy Gganda, Summer Kids Football Academy, Re-Raise Child Foundation Soccer Academy, Skill Line Academy, Mbale Soccer Academy, Wonder Ants Soccer Academy, MYDEL Soccer Academy, Excellent Soccer Academy, Toto Football Academy, Success Angels Soccer Academy, SOM Football Academy and Taquwa Soccer Academy.

Meanwhile, some academies were put on pending include minerals Soccer Academy, Rise and Shine Football Academy, LOCONA Soccer Academy, Wagagai Warriors Soccer Academy, Go Ahead Eagles Academy, Divine Athletic Soccer Academy.

Some academies also changed names for example Uganda support Soccer Academy changed to Free kick soccer academy while Kireka Soccer Academy changed to Next Generation Soccer Academy while Walugembe Memo Snipers requested to change name also.

During the same meeting, Lugazi Soccer Academy was accepted back following years without subscription while Eastern Region Football Association will host the 2022 UYFA U15 National Championships for the first time.

It was also passed that no Academy will go across boarders to take part in international competition (s) without a letter from the UYFA, FUFA and National Council of Sports.

UYFA Annual Activity Calendar 2022

• UYFA National Invitational Championship (B16 for Boys and Girls)
• Launching of Data Base (UYFA Connect)
• Release of UYFA Competition Rules
• Marketing Strategic Planning
• Sub Committees Virtual Meeting
• UYFA Players Screening and Licensing
• Release of UYFA Communication Code
• UYFA Quarterly Press Breakfast Gathering
• Academy CEOs` Summit (Regions)
• UYFA Futsal Gala (U13 Boys & Girls)
• Youth Beach Soccer Gala (U13 Boys & Girls)
• UYFA National Challenge Cup Regional Qualifiers (U13 Boys & Girls) National September
• UYFA Exco Members Retreat
• UYFA Exco Meeting (2nd Schedule)
• FUFA Odilo Primary Schools Tournament
• Football Administration and Management Course
• UYFA Beach Soccer Course
• UYFA Youth Referees Course
• UYFA Futsal Gala (U15 Boys & Girls)
• UYFA Beach Soccer Gala (U15 Boys & Girls)
• UYFA Quarterly Breakfast Press Gathering
• UYFA Regional/Sub Regional League (2 Weeks Gala) U15 Boys & Girls
• Selection of Regional Youth Teams
• Piloting UYFA National Challenge Cup (U13 Boys & Girls)
• North East Outreach
• Piloting 11B Kids League
• Futsal Training Course
• Submission of Soccer Camps Requests
• Coordinators Retreat
• FUFA Beginners Coaching Course
• CAF D Diploma Coaching Course
• Academy Visits
• UYFA Regional Teams Championship Launch (Nationals – December)

• UYFA Quarterly Press Breakfast
• Coaches Exchange Clinic Launch
• UYFA Regional Teams Championship (National)

UYFA 19th Exco Meeting Attendance

• Roberts Kiwanuka – Chairman
• Morrise Otidi – 1st Vice Chairman
• Farouk Kigongo – 2nd Vice Chairman
• Shafic Kigongo – General Secretary
• Mansoor Kabugo – Member
• Atuhaire Patience Marcella – Member
• Abbey Donaca Ssentongo – Member
• Ibrahim Kakeeto – Member
• Erebu John Michael – Member
• Gad Batuuse – Member
• Robert Lubega – Events Manager
• Mbuga Swaibu – Media Officer

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