Ugandan hit novel ‘Still A Mum’ brought to Theatre

Local nonprofit Ekobara Organisation in partnership with Vessel is Me will take to theatre a story of a childless couple who went through resilience, hope and faith to get their first child after 15years.

The story adapted from Sheila Ajok Lubangakene’s novel Still A Mum in a bid to create awareness and fight stigma surrounding Pregnancy and Infant Loss (P.A.L.L) and fertility challenges.

The hit novel has sold over 400 copies and this will be its first adaptation of any nature.

According to Lubangakene, the novel is intended to bring to light the pain endured by families confronted by childlessness and the pressure piled by society and extended families.

“In many cultures women are blamed incase of failure to conceive and she is given labels of a failure, misfit and a disgrace. Due to this stigma, a spiral into a dark tunnel of depression with her husband to find a new partner to procreate with is created,” Lubangakene stated

“Still A Mum is for that couple out there who struggle with fertility doctor visits, endless lab exams, ultrasound scans, tubal flushing, tubal cannulation, fertility medication and repeat miscarriages. It is a platform to reach out and touch hearts as well as give assurance that they are not alone in this.” she added.

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