UCU Elections: Stronger Together, Edonu calls upon Students

Jorem Edonu a student of Bachelors of Law is seeking to serve the university in the sense of leadership which encompasses guild presidentship.

This comes with an aim of rallying students to come together so that they create a comfortable environment to enable students’ excellence.

“Our major aim is to mobilize ideas as a guild leader,” Edonu started his submission before adding; “We opt to have a proper way to tackle and handle issues within the university.”

In his manifesto, he goes ahead to cite the spectrum of bridges to be created in leadership and solve different challenges in line with the contribution of the university.

Jorem Edonu | Courtesy Photo

“We ought to do this in a way this will foster leadership that is going to reach out to every single corner of the university.”

According to Edonu, efficiency is basically on target mobilizing resources because he believes that the engine of operation of leadership should be resources and they are not available.

Jorem also cites the aspect of a common platform for reasoning to move together and not leaving anyone behind which draws out his main intention.

Edonu with mothers and children during a community service. | Courtesy Photo

He terms it the “Big 5 Agenda” the kind of tendencies he looks forward to achieving in the next 356days.

These will turn out to be redemption measures to smoothen the issues raised by the students.

He attributes it to a service delivery that is standard enough to meet the different interests and this aligns with the articulation and advocacy.

“We ought to speak and represent what we want to see happen in terms of policy making and together with the students we shall achieve this,” he concluded.

This comes from an angle of running projects and partnerships.

Edonu will be on the ballot paper with Timothy Dumba as they vie for the post of 25th UCU Guild President. Elections will be held on Friday, November 18.

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