SUPL: Mbalangu resigns from the role of coaching at Mbarara City

Hussein Mbalangu has announced the resignation of his technical team from the coaching role at Mbarara City on Wednesday, January 12, 2021.

The former Arua Hill SC gaffer underlined the reason for resignation to challenges ranging from the welfare to administration.

In a letter that was written to the chairman of Mbarara City Football Club, Mbalangu referred to the ‘Resignation of the technical team.“

Detailing the reasons as to why the technical team resigned, he noted; “We have come to this conclusion after observing a number of challenges raging from the welfare to administration.”

“The welfare of the players with the technical team inclusive has been poor, regardless of the effort we have tried to address them to you officially, that we did in our first short term report on 04/11/2021.”

“Making matters worse, we have accumulated arrears to a tune of two full months getting to the third, yet it’s the same salary that we have to use for feeding, payment of our rental apartments and our entire families.”

“Barely surviving in this city without earning even any training allowances, sincerely we are left with no option,” Mbalangu continued in anguish.

“When we took over and tried to introduce some changes to ensure better performance of the team which was not positively welcomed by some of administrative members because we were breaking their scheme.”

“Nothing much should be said here but all can be well explained in one of the famous quote, “ the ship doesn’t sink more of the water outside rather than that inside it.”

“The technical department tried it’s best to convince some players recently in order to re force the team for the second round but the administration was reluctant to engage these players who ended up joining other team’s.”

“On top of enduring a lot since day one rightly from the challenges that were echoed by our predecessor from squad quality, welfare and lack of equipment.”

“This time around this is beyond our control as we feel there is lack of unity within the club. It seems some individuals have their personal agendas,” the letter ended.

The technical team was comprised of Hussein Mbalangu (Head Coach), Ssenyange Nsanziiro Samuel and Magasi Jamada (Goalkeeping Coach)

Mbarara lies in the 12th position at the 16-teamed log with 15points after 15 games played.

The league is currently in a break but after recess the Ankole Lions will start the second round against Tooro United on February 4 at Kakyeka Stadium, Mbarara.

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