St Noa crowned as Women’s Regional League Champions

The Zana based regional women’s team St Noa girls Zana has been crowned as 2021/2022 regional league champions.

The victory has come after maintaining an unbeaten run throughout the whole season only drawing once against the Entebbe based Tagy women FC in all their 12 games.

Tagy Women FC had put up a great fight against the zana based team but their 9-1 loss gave St Noa an upper hand for victory.

This leaves St Noa with a chance to qualify for the FUFA Women’s Elite league if they claim victory in their play off final .

Tagy Women FC finished second only loosing and drawing once at St Noa in all their 12 games.

Tagy’s Naigaga Kamiyat finished as the top scorer bagging 25 goals in 12 games .

Kiringete Ladies FC was relegated after finishing last only getting 7 points in their 12 games.

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