Over 100 people perished in accidents in 7 days – Police

The Traffic and Road safety Directorate of Uganda Police Force revealed Monday 103 people were killed in road accidents between 1st and 7th May 2022 across the country.

Police furthermore revealed that other 295 people sustained injuries from 282 reported accidents. 168 serious accidents and 114 minor accidents were recorded.

The high accident rates have been blamed on overspeeding and reckless drivers especially bodaboda cyclists and psv operators.

Last week was marked by an accident at Sebitoli along the Kampala-Fortportal highway involving a Link Bus, in which 20 people lost their lives.

This forced authorities to set up an inquest into the carrier, Link Bus Services and suspending their operation for at least two weeks.

Police has issued an advisory as Schools reopened on Monday urging motorists to plan their journeys early and should expect heavy traffic on the road.

However, they have been warned against reckless driving and urged to respect road signage.

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