Opinion: An Upgraded Infrastructure requires a matching Service sector. Tondeeka bus and the Taste of the Pudding…

By Andrew Otage

When South Africa won the bid to host the prestigious 2010 world cup, The transport sector was identified as one of the key areas for an upgrade to be conformed to international standards of transport improving the convenience comfort, and carriage for travelers especially the many tourists that would pour into the country following the game.

Today, the fast-paced nature of the free world means a lot of productive time should not be lost on the road.

An efficient convenient transport system should be one of the hallmarks of smart cities as it cuts back on delays, eases congestion, reduces pollution and emissions, and enhances connectivity.

Entebbe road boasts a growing volume of traffic 30,000 vehicles (before covid), this sometimes presents challenges of delays, negatively impacting esp tourism as it informs tourist choice of destination.

A Futuristic plan for Trams originating from the C.B.D of Kampala running to and from the International Airport would complement other transport services, and grant improved time of travel.

According to an interesting study published recently, the Tourism Industry has morphed from Attraction to Experience, more tourists are driven by the influence and experience of their holiday as opposed to attractions.

Planners and Handlers must now of necessity come up with more innovative ways to influence their choice of destination.

Under the current national development plan 3, Entebbe has been designated a M.I.C.E Tourism location a niche tourism market with vantage opportunities.

The development of the proposed convention Centre facility for Entebbe needs to be fast-tracked. A convention Centre will qualify Uganda’s capacity to bid attract and host large International/tripartite meetings feeding into a value chain of business tourism greatly increasing economic activity downstream. it will be one of the fulcrums upon which Uganda/Entebbe competes favorably for regional and international M.I.C.E tourism events (Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions).

Kisumu lake city early July 2021 commissioned work for a new $13Million 6000 capacity convention center facility Kenya’s second, targeting the Afri-cities Summit set for the next year 2022, G.O.K has committed kshs1.4billion to upgrade Kisumu airport to handle 1million incoming passengers up from 500,000.

Uganda/Entebbe’s convention center will be one of the largest and best in the region a 6-7000 capacity (Kigali 2600, K.I.C.C 5000 Kisumu 6000) set in a beautiful peninsular with great tourism features and amenities.

In Entebbe, Uganda will have the capacity to bid and host many large business meetings, sports events, and other local regional, and international.

A convention center is not a standalone facility but needs supportive service infrastructure to sustain its operations, business tourism will need fast convenient access around the city and beyond.

The new Tondeeka bus soon to be pioneered in Entebbe will upgrade the quality of transportation as a modern tech hybrid operating a dual system of fuel and current with access for wifi probably for travelers to stay connected download an app and tourist map to guide their adventure and trail.
Business and Lifestyle are continually going to be impacted by the dynamics and trends of a changing world.
Ndeeka or Tondeeka.

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