Newman’s Foods supports UWEC’s outreach program

Newman’s Foods Limited on Tuesday 26th March signed a memorandum of understanding with the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC), formerly known as The Zoo to support each other for the next two years as they continue to engage learners on wildlife conservation through the UWEC’s outreach program.

The partnership agreement involves the donation of shs 48 million and goods worth 10 million to promote the message of wildlife conservation education across the country as well as promoting Newman’s food products.

While signing the memorandum of understanding, Dr James Musinguzi, the UWEC executive director, highlighted that the agreement is based on spreading the conservation gospel in the country, waste management especially the values of proper waste management and working together to solve the effects of climate change.

Dr James Musinguzi, the UWEC executive director while distributing Newman’s snacks to the learners that visited UWEC on Tuesday.

“As you can see we currently have a strong heat wave, so this is the time for us to partner and be able to find solutions for the heat wave and all effects of climate change, therefore we are going to be planting trees together to schools and communities promoting Newman’s foods, wildlife conservation, environmental conservation, tree growing so that together we can build a sustainable environment,” he said.

Musinguzi also urged all other food processing companies that package them in plastics to partner with institutions like UWEC so that they can work together and achieve because, in the long run, they can be able to sell their products as they also contribute to environmental conservation and green growth.

Rosette Najjemba Ssegujja the Newman’s Foods commercial manager said that even though children love and enjoy their snacks, they come with littering papers and packages which disturbs conservation that’s why they decided to join UWEC in sensitizing learners to the benefits of conserving the environment and wildlife. 

“We also started giving dustbins to many of the schools as one of the ways to teach young ones that when you finish to eat you don’t litter waste but instead insert it into the dustbin hence conserving the environment,” she added.

Najjemba also noted that everyone has a role to play in environmental conservation while teaching both children and adults to have a better nation.

UWEC’s main purpose is “to promote and create an understanding of conserving the biodiversity in Uganda among the public, with specific emphasis on the young generation.”

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