Muslims told to circumvent conflict

Muslims in Entebbe Municipality have been asked to avoid conflict with fellow believers.

The message was delivered by Sheik Umar Bashir, the Imam of Masjid Taqwa during the Eid al-Fitr prayers held at the Entebbe Muslim County grounds.

Sheik Bashir said Islam teaches forgiveness and reconciliation in case of any conflict. He urged believers to avoid taking part in ‘useless’ faction skirmishes since they all serve Allah(swt).

“It is time to make peace with everyone to achieve unity as Ugandans. We need to reflect on our troubles and reconcile with our brothers and sisters in Islam.” he said

He also encouraged believers to carry on with the spirit of sharing the little they have with the needy for it is an avenue to harness peace and Unity.

Bashir furthermore applauded Muslims for having completed the Ramadan period and urged them to continue with the good behavior exhibited during this time.

However, he expressed concern about the raging corruption and land grabbing in the area that has seen people encroach on Islamic land.

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