Lubiri concede Students were doing ‘Co-curriculum activities’

Last week, Lubiri High School came under scrutiny after a video emerged of their students aboard a Midland High Shool Bus carrying a steamy ‘rub and dub’ session.


Lubiri High School has finally succumbed to pressure and owned up to the allegations to confirm that it was their students aboard the bus in a statement that is making rounds on social media.

In the initial statement the school had denied the incident after they were pinned by Midland.

In a statement released on Sunday 12th June 2022, the school said investigations are underway into the incident.

As Lubiri High School, however we apologise to Midland High School where we hired the school Bus and to the Public at large for the alleged misconduct.
The Students on Board belong to our School. They had gone for an Agricultural Show to Jinja.” part of the statement reads

The statement furthermore refers to the dirty dancing as mere and part of the schools co-curricula activities.

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