Local NGO in need of over USD 60000 to save 20 lives

A Ugandan Non Profit organization, Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE) is looking for over USD 60000 to facilitate surgeries for 20 children diagnosed with severe heart complications.

According to ACDIPE founder, George Ntambi, the monies will help finance air tickets and visas for children ailing with heart-related diseases.

“We recently received a grant from our friends in the US that will facilitate correctional surgeries and procedures for 20 children, this money will pay the hospital bills but won’t carter for travel expenses,” Ntambi intimated

“ We have handpicked 20 severe cases that require immediate attention, each child with a caretaker or parent needs approximately 12 million(USD 3200) to travel, we can not do it on our own,” Ntambi added

“ We need government and well-wishers to come and join the fight, we are losing children to heart conditions that would be corrected with surgery, but we are restricted by funds,” Ntambi said

“Every condition presents different procedures and costs, but treatment ranges from USD 5000, but we sometimes spend over USD 26000 on a single patient.” Ntambi intimated

Ntambi has also revealed that his working relationship with hospitals in India has been worthwhile since patients whilst in India can receive treatment and ACDIPE pays later.

Since 2007, ACDIPE has funded over 300 heart and brain-related surgeries for youngsters in Uganda, the organization hopes to handle more 1000 cases before 2025.

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