Katabi Youth Councilor continues to rot in Jail

Ssenoga Innocent a councilor representing the youth at Katabi Town Council was arrested a month back over forgery after being whisked to Entebbe Magistrate Court.

His arrest came on orders of the Entebbe Chief Magistrate, Stella Maris Amabilis after allegations of him getting a bribe from a certain accused.

It is said that Ssenoga picked shs. 15m as a bribe from one identified as Ben Buyondo to be delivered to the Entebbe Chief Magistrate so that the case he had in court could be closed in his favour but all this was done without her knowing.

After giving him the money and nothing positive had happened, Buyondo visited the Entebbe Magistrate court with a negative attitude backed with WhatsApp communication screenshots that reveal the approval of the transactions to the chief magistrate through Ssenoga which pissed her off and ordered the councilor’s arrest by Entebbe Police then later to Kitala prison.

In an attraction with one of Ssenoga’s close friends who did not want to be revealed said that he was filed on a case of Forgery and Impersonation by Chief Magistrate Entebbe.

Juma Abudallah the Katabi Town Council speaker when reached out about what happened to a fellow leader, said that it’s ashaming to hear that a youth representative can make such forgeries yet leaders have to act exemplary to the public.

“We talked to our fellow colleague as soon as he had been just released on a similar case in the genesis of this term hoping that he can change but it seems like that’s his nature,” he added.

The Katabi’s speaker however appealed to the chief magistrate to forgive the fellow servant since as we speak now his constituency is lagging.

The same person was arrested in 2022 over a similar case after forging the president’s senior advisor anti-corruption, Col. Edith Nakalema signatory for his own benefit.

Ssenoga is now set to face the courts of law on Friday 5th July for the court hearing at Entebbe Magistrate Court.

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