Kajjansi 2022/2023 Budget: Focus on Infrastructure, Youth Skilling

The Kajjansi Town Council Leadership has revealed that their Budget for the financial year 2022/2023 will mainly focus on rehabilitation of roads and skilling of the youth among other key issues.

The Council approved a budget worth UGX 3.3 billion which is a 17% increase from the 2021/2022 financial year budget.

Speaking during the presentation of the budget estimates, Kajjansi boss, Bashir Ndawula Kayondo said priority has been given to the improvement of road systems, drainage systems, youth skilling, and garbage collection.

“We have been able to work on some roads this year, we have allocated monies to rehabilitate at least 200 kilometers next year,” he said

Kayondo nonetheless shared concerns on the magnitude of the funds allocated for roads by the central government which he says is inadequate.

“Only UGX 16 million has been allocated to us as road fund this quarter, compared to UGX 60 million which was given to the previous Council.With 200 kilometers of roads, 16 million can’t do much, government needs to review this.” Kayondo stated

He furthermore revealed that they have been able to realize about 65% of their current budget regardless of being unable to collect the projected revenue due to Covid-19 and government failure to release funds on time.

Kayondo said this has frustrated many of their plans and activities including youth day celebrations among other notable events.

The chairperson also revealed that they have been able to purchase a garbage collection truck worth UGX 200 million to solve rubbish problem.

Kayondo also refuted allegations that the Kajjansi Town Clerk, Harriet Nakyazze was arrested on charges of fraud.

“There was a probe, the Town Clerk was called to make a statement, but we have not been notified of any formal charges against her.” he said

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