Harnessing the Power of Vibrant Young Workforce for Political Mobilisation

Political mobilisation is a crucial aspect of any electoral campaign. It involves engaging citizens and motivating them to participate actively in the democratic process. In recent years, the role of a vibrant young workforce in political mobilisation has become increasingly significant.

The Office of the National Chairman – National Resistance Movement (NRM), under the leadership of Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo, has recognized the potential of young people in Uganda and is actively exploiting it as a powerful tool in preparation for the 2026 general elections.

Uganda has one of the youngest populations globally, with approximately 77% of its citizens under the age of 30. The youth is a demographic powerhouse and this bulge presents a unique opportunity for political parties to tap into the enthusiasm and energy of young people.

NRM understands that harnessing this vibrant young workforce is crucial for success of their candidate President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the upcoming 2026 general elections in 2026. The Office of the National Chairman (ONC) in particular, has won the hearts of many young people in several ways;

Utilizing Social Media and Technology
One of the strategies employed by the ONC is leveraging social media and technology platforms to engage with young voters. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become powerful tools for mobilising young people, allowing political parties to disseminate information, rally support, and coordinate activities.

The NRM has recognized this potential and established a strong online presence, using targeted messaging and digital campaigns to connect with the youth. The party Chairman empowered his skilled Bazzukulu with gadgets like Laptops and smart phones to disseminate information about government programs and informing the general public about the manifesto of NRM.

These Bazzukulu ba Museveni have also come up with slogans like “Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main ,Tukikube Ku Ballot 2026″ all aimed at popularizing the party Chairman. This has put Yoweri Museveni ahead of other opposition candidates before we head into the forthcoming 2026 elections.

Empowering Young Leaders
The NRM understands the importance of empowering young leaders who can inspire and connect with their peers effectively. By providing mentorship, resources, and opportunities for young individuals to take on leadership roles within the party, ONC is fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

Young leaders represent the hopes and dreams of their generation, making them powerful advocates for the NRM’s vision. Here the head of ONC Namyalo, appointed coordinators in all the districts of Uganda to monitor government programs like Emyooga, Parish Development Model and acts of Land grabbing. All this is key to NRM’s retention of power in 2026.

Engaging Youth through Grassroots Initiatives
The NRM’s strategy includes active engagement with youths at the grassroots level. Recognizing that meaningful change often starts within local communities, the party has invested in initiatives that address the specific needs and aspirations of young people.

This has been through organising youth conferences, skills development programs, and entrepreneurship opportunities tailored to engage and empower the youth. For instance the Head ONC Hadijjah Namyalo is on a countrywide tour of economic empowerment whereby, skilled people are given equipment as capital to get them out of poverty.

She’s currently in Bushenyi Kizinda playground, to give out sewing machines, brick laying machines goats, hand driers, hoes, pesticides,etc.These programs have brought back home the prodigal supporters who had joined other political parties.

Creating Youth-Centric Policies and Programs
The NRM understands that to effectively mobilize young voters, they must demonstrate an understanding of their unique challenges and aspirations. The Office of the National Chairman has been instrumental in creating policies and programs that directly cater to the needs of the youth.

By addressing issues such as unemployment, access to education, and healthcare; the NRM demonstrates its commitment to the future of Uganda’s young workforce.

ONC has collaborated well with the Statehouse controller and Director Presidential Projects Statehouse on admitting many youth in the zonal industrial hubs to skill the vibrant young people in carpentry, tailoring, welding, salon among many others. All this has made President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and NRM a darling of the young people.

In Conclusion therefore; The Office of the National Chairman NRM , led by Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo recognizes the immense potential of a vibrant young workforce as a driving force for political mobilization.

By utilizing social media, empowering young leaders, engaging in grassroots initiatives, and creating youth-centric policies, NRM aims to channel the energy and enthusiasm of Uganda’s youth towards active political participation in the upcoming 2026 general elections.

The successful implementation of these strategies holds the key to the NRM’s ability to connect effectively with the country’s young population and secure their support towards Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s re-election in 2026.

The Writer is a Cadre, and works with Office of the National Chairman -NRM

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