Former Minister, Yonasani Kanyomozi is dead

Former Minister of Cooperatives and Marketing in Obote 2 government, Yonasani Kanyomozi is dead.

Kanyomozi, 82 succumbed to cancer at Nakasero hospital where he had been admitted following a series of cancer related complications.

He was born Yonasani Kanyomozi Bakobeza on 29th June 1940 in Kajara, Western Uganda. He is a graduate of the famous London school of Economics and a listed management consultant.

The deceased served as Minister in the Obote 2 regime, a Member of Parliament and was an accomplished economist who also served at the African Development Bank.

Kanyomozi was a member of the Arusha based, East African Legislative Assembly between 2001 and 2006. He is among the many politicians who were thrown out of government by the NRA regime in 2006, a move he always lamented over as unfair. At 65 years, the veteran politician left Arusha and retired from active politics.

He is a step brother to former army commander and now party president of Alliance for National Transformation. Rtd Maj. Mugisha Muntu.

The state is yet to give clarification on whether the deceased will be accorded a state funeral having served at both national and regional level.

Uganda has lost two key political figures and former ministers within two days. By press time, there was no information regarding his burial arrangements.

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