Entebbe municipal council denigrates Manyago land eject intimidation

As documents under the names of Kaggwa Segujja Buggembe indicate the lease permit of the 15 acres of land of Manyago Housing Estate for a term of 49 years from the 1st January 2011 in consideration of a premium of shs. 20 million and a clear annual rent of shs. 100,000, the Entebbe municipal council said there is no lease valid for that particular land.

This was revealed by Fabrice Rulinda the Mayor of Entebbe Municipality during a media engagement with some of the tenant’s leaders on 19th Monday at the municipal council headquarters in Entebbe.

Rulinda highlighted that the municipal council does not know anyone with the kind of lease agreement over the Manyago Housing Estate.

“As a municipal council, we have no idea and agreement with anyone over that particular land however we intend to get the value of the land from the chief government valuer which is the due process as per the law while disposing of a government property,” he noted.

Rulinda also said that after getting the value of the land from the chief government valuer, they will sell it to the interested sitting tenants.

Documents indicate that Segujja Bugembe Kaggwa was permitted on lease in 2011 at shs. 20 million as the premium and an annual rent of shs. 100,000 that shall be revisable by the lessor upon the expiration of every 10 years.

Then it raised the concern of how the municipal council entered into a consent judgment with the tenants in 2020 after 9 years when Segujja had leased the particular land in 2011.

However, the municipal boss Fabrice Rulinda dismissed the lease claims of Segujja saying that it would be so sad to find someone with a lease on an existing land title that is pending a court order.

“As Rulinda, I find it so funny that someone claims to have got a lease in 2011 but says he paid in 2023, therefore I want him to provide a receipt that proves that he paid Entebbe Municipal Council such an amount of money because what I know as far as 2023, we pay electronically,” he added.

Rulinda also remarked that if Segujja indeed paid for the land, a bank would have generated a Payment Reference Number (PRN) and therefore wondered.

When asked whether they would take any court action against Segujja, Rulinda answered that he should be the one to sue the municipal council if he has proper documents of the lease permit over that land.

The Manyago Tenants Association’s vice chairperson Deus Bbaale asked fellow tenants for a calm situation as they continued to wait for the chief government valuer to solve the matter.

Peter Galubale the vice chairperson of Manyago village said that have never been approached by anyone in person over that matter, adding that they are patiently and closely in touch with the municipal council. 

Kaggwa Segujja Buggembe who is said to have bought the land on lease denied the intention to evict the tenants on the property. 

“I have never written to anybody, I don’t own any land in Entebbe and I have anything concerning the lease documents over Manyago Housing Estate,” he clarified.

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