Eight Land Tittles Discovered In Kitubulu Central Forest Reserve

By Moses Ssentamu

Following a new freehold land tittle on Kitubulu Central Forest reserve, which is under the care of National Forestry Authority (NFA), local council leaders have risen up to save the only standing forest at the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe Municipality boarding Katabi town council.

Months back the Special Presidential Advisor in charge of Environment and Sanitation, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya made foot to the forest in question only to discover that the forest is being divvied 8 plots each with a ‘land tittle’ with the most current issues in 2022.

Standing evidence shows that that, 46.2270 hectares of land in Kitubulu Central Forest Reserve came under TRIPPLE SOUND INVESTMENT LIMITED KAMPALA the said investor on the 02/03/2022 and got confirmed a freehold land title owner by the Registrar of Titles on 4th.March .2022.

It’s not well known what this investor has in plan but concerned residents and leaders at all levels have come to oppose this move and have put National Forest Authority to task how such land titles are got in a forest reserve.

Prof. Bukenya meets concerned local leaders at Kitubulu Central Forest Reserve

Prof. Bukenya says it’s unfortunate that people, committing ‘ecocide’, are within government and he vowed not use his office, to see to it that Uganda’s green cover including other ecosystems are not left to the hands of what he described as non- patriotic people.

There is a new set of people fighting hard to ensure that they kill Lake Victoria and the sad part of it these are tycoons pouring soil into the lake causing silting and spoiling the breeding places of aquatic life – Now from the Lake to the forest, this we shall fight to make bring sanity back – people must feel for mother nature” Bukenya

In this struggle to save Kitubulu Central Forest Reserve, prof. Bukenya has been joined by local leaders from Katabi Town council, and Entebbe Municipality who are direct beneficiaries of this Natural resource.

Member of Parliament Entebbe Municipality, Micheal Kakembo Mbwatekamwa accuses National Forestry Authority (NFA) for allegedly transferring a lease ownership title from Real estate Uganda Limited to freehold title under Triple Sound Investment Ltd, in what he calls a backdoor process that started in May ,2013. Kakembo says this is not the first time investors of this kind have tried to take over this forest, they have been in fights with quite many won them and he sees no chance of losing this either.

A copy of the Land tittle indicating Tripple Sound Investments as owners of the 120 acres of land

Juliet Mubbi the National Forestry Authority spokesperson disregarded accusations of selling the forest to any investors and explained that all Central Forest Reserves are is given out under their Private sector investment initiative, following certain procedures that start with an application from the interested party.  Mubbi however accepts that as an Authority, they have so many cases of illegal land titles on forest reserves.

What you should know about freehold land ownership

Freehold tenure is a system where owners of land have a deed/ title to their land which allows them to hold the registered land forever and do whatever they want with it, in accordance with the law. They can use, sell, lease, transfer, subdivide, mortgage and give away the land as they see fit – Land registration regarding freehold is governed by the Registration of Title’s Act (RTA).

Features of Freehold Land Tenure:

  • The holder owns a Certificate of Title describing the land.
  • There is an unlimited period of ownership.
  • Leasehold can be converted to Freehold.
  • The landowner has full powers over land and can do anything lawful with the land.
  • Freehold tenure cannot be acquired or held by a non-citizen.  A non-citizen can only acquire a lease on Freehold tenure.
  • The Registration of Titles Act governs transactions on Freehold tenure.

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