Cheza To Hold 6th Kwepena Edition

Cheza Sports company has organised a Kwepena Festival that will take place at Uganda Museum on Sunday, March 6, 2022.

This will be the sixth edition of the kind however it will be accompanied by other sports such as Bladda, Ludo, Omweso, Sonko, Jump Role and Matatu.

Simon Peter Tumukunde the CEO of Cheza-Kwepena confessed that all the preparations are done and they are calling upon people to turn up in large numbers at Uganda Museum to take on the experience.

“We have waited for this day to reignite the Kwepena flame and I call upon everyone to be part of this,” Tumukunde said during a press conference at Uganda Museum.

“We founded Cheza about seven to eight years back to transform the game of Kwepena into a professional sport as the leading and most influential game today,” he added.

“We have been renovating around this game for the past years. The first thing was to create modern balls, rules, the court of the game and durations of the game.”

“Along the way, our vision evolved not only to cover Kwepena but also to bring people together through the indigenous games.”

“It’s among this experience that we are holding the sixth edition of the Kwepena which is a series of competition amongst different indigenous games”

According to the organisation founder, several competitions will be underway on Sunday March 6, and these will involve different players who have registered for the competition.

“Though those that will not have serious engagements will be taking part of other games at their free will because competitions will stretch through the whole day.”

“We want people to come and experience the games that make us Ugandan with a deep historical and African touch,” he concluded.

A brief about Kwepena.

Kwepena is a game played by three players that is to say one dodger and two hitters however a team is asked to register only five players for a particular game.

For the points, a hit goes for one point, a dodge is awarded by two points while if the ball goes in between the legs (Kwawuza) then the hitter’s team scoops five points.

A game is partitioned into four rounds where the first and second take 15 minutes each while the third and fourth are based on elimination.

Kwepena is played under five categories namely, Under eight, Under 10, Under 14, Open category and Senior classification.

Kwepena has spread its wings across the country with the help of schools and ambassadors. It also has partners in African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Malawi and South Sudan.

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