Buddhist Center, Katabi TC deliver support to the elderly

The Uganda Buddhist Center together with Katabi Town Council on Wednesday delivered support to the elderly persons during a workshop organised to indulge the latter on how to lead healthy and happy lives.

The support came in form of food items including 1,000 kgs of maize flour donated by the Buddhist Center and Cash of UGX 1,000,000 donated by City Lawyer, Stephen Ssekigozi.

Katabi Town Council boss, Ronald Kalema in his keynote address urged older persons to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to build immunity against diseases that are common amongst the elderly.

Kalema also urged the government to amend the age for beneficiaries of the older persons’ funds from 80 years of age to 70.

Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita who is the founder of the Uganda Buddhist Center encouraged the elderly not to give up hope and try to lead spiritually upright lives.

Dominic Lwanga the elder’s chairperson expressed his happiness on behalf of all beneficiaries to Katabi town council leadership, the Uganda Buddhist Center and Mr Stephen Ssekigozi for having chosen them benefit in this program.

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