Besigye beats security to campaign for FDC’s Moses Attan

Opposition Stalwart and political mogul, Dr Kizza Besigye yesterday beat security Intel to proceed for his scheduled persuation role in swaying support towards FDC’s Moses Okiror Attan in his ongoing campaign to retain the Soroti East Member of Parliament seat.

Police in Jinja had earlier rounded off Rtd Col Kizza Besigye who was in company of Samuel Lubega Mukaku at Igar petrol station where they had camped for breakfast on transit. The Regional police Commander ordered the duo to return to Kampala on orders from “above”.

This publication established that the former Forum for Democratic Change party president escaped from his temporary ‘car detention’ as the regional police Commander sought re-enforcement.

The escape genius disappeared on a boda and was later whisked away in another car believed to have been in the company of the political magnate’s planned trip to Soroti. Close associates who preferred ananomity revealed that the FDC pillar had been tipped off about possible police hijack. Besigye’s car is in Police custody.

Speaking to NBS live at 9, Besigye said that the reason leaders of opposition political parties are in Soroti is to continue to guide the people, “we have to open people’s eyes on the manipulation the junta wants to use to confuse them, the support for Hon. Attan is there. It was never contested and is not the reason for the by-elections,” He asserted.

“Elections alone will not end gun rule in the country. We want the people of this region to demise with contempt what this government is doing and return Attan, We need to end the gun rule that has caused misery in this country. “Said Besigye while appearing on NBS live at 9.

The Soroti East Member of Parliament seat became vacant after the Court of Appeal nullified the victory of Forum for Democratic Change’s Moses Attan.

According to court, the Electoral Commission failed to conduct free and fair elections after it irregularly transferred Opiyai and Aloet wards from Soroti East to Soroti West after the nomination of the candidates, which disfranchised over 4,560 voters.

In the by-election scheduled for 28th July 2022, Attan who rides on joint support from both FDC and NUP, battles NRM’s Ariko having crossed over to the ruling party where he was nominated unopposed. Before crossing to NRM, Ariko had been Speaker of Parliament Anita Among’s Principal Private Secretary.

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