Authorities concerned as smuggled Mutzig Rwandan Beer and Laborers infiltrate Kabale district in Uganda

During a workshop organised by Friends of Hope led by Counsel Eliab Naturinda Mporera at Hill-Top Hotel in central division, Kabale municipality, ASP Moses Enyemu, the officer incharge of Katuna border police post, expressed concerns regarding the illegal influx of Rwandan goods and laborers into Uganda, particularly within the communities and streets of Kabale district.

Addressing district councilors, Greater Kabale district leaders, and heads of district security, Enyemu revealed a troubling trend where some Ugandan local leaders are allegedly involved in facilitating the illegal smuggling.

“Shockingly, some are even providing smugglers with documents to aid their unlawful entry, allowing items like Mutzig beer, cattle, and laborers to cross the border,” he noted.

The senior police officer questioned the accessibility of Rwandan Mutzig beer within Uganda, emphasising that the beverage is unlicensed and not permitted for sale in the country. He highlighted the availability of licensed alternatives, asserting that the illegal entry of such items poses risks to public health and safety.

The police official stressed that all items must go through designated border checkpoints, such as Katuna border, and denounced not only the smuggling of Mutzing beer but also the illegal transportation of cattle.

Enyemu further cautioned Ugandans who engage Rwandans as local laborers, emphasizing that the practice is not only ethically wrong but also illegal. He pointed out the lack of proper documentation among the smuggled laborers, making it challenging for authorities to handle issues like deaths or repatriation of bodies which can put the relationship of two counties at stake.

Expressing the difficulties faced by Uganda in exporting the bodies of illegal entrants, Enyemu urged locals to report any suspicious individuals to security agencies, police, or local leaders instead of employing them on their farms.

Reacting to Enyemu’s revelation, Kenneth Tumwijukye, the district councilor representing the people of Rubaya sub-county, expressed dismay at the increasing number of Rwandans entering Uganda illegally and subsequently becoming permanent citizens, acquiring properties within the country.

Adding to such concerns, Prize Ampeire, the woman district councilor representing Kibuga sub-county and Katuna town council, brought the attention to the issue of Rwandans entering Uganda for trading purposes. She specifically highlighted the activities of vendors who come to sell various household items such as saucepans, plates, and clothes in exchange for food.

Ampeire emphasized that such vendors often stay in the country for a short duration, typically around two days, before returning home. She pointed out that some of them seek assistance, both medical and food-related, during their brief stays in Uganda. The district councilor raised questions about the implications of such transient activities on local resources and services.

ASP Enyemu, warned that entering Uganda without following proper procedures would result in arrest and charges, urging foreigners to stay within legally designated areas.

The local laborers are said to be highly employed in the districts of Kabale, Rubanda, Rukiga, Kisoro and other districts that border Rwanda.

Counsel Naturinda, urgently contacted security agencies, calling for immediate attention to the matter at hand. He emphasized the importance of community vigilance, urging people to stay vigilant and promptly report any such illicit activities as the primary means of securing local areas.

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