We must empower young girls against pregnancies- Women Leaders

The Director of Programs at Forum for Women in Democracy Elizabeth Ampairwe says that early pregnancies have continued to hinder women from engaging in leadership spaces.

Speaking at the Annual Sisterhood Forum, Ampairwe says that on many occasions when a girl child gets pregnant they drop out of school and lose an opportunity of being educated.

She adds that ,this blocks them from penetrating leadership spaces the fact that they lack  academic qualifications.

Among the things discussed included women’s financial liberation, reproductive health rights, leadership and violence against women.

Flavia Nabagabbe the NUP women guild notes that their is poor child upbringing by parents and she cautions parents to be vigilant since holidays are on the door.

Nakintu Sarah from forum women in Democracy however adds that women still have a very bad attitude towards each other and also notes that domestic violence is on the raise and government has not done enough to curb the violence since it has not created awareness in the public.
She however urges government to take note on the matter to create more awareness in the public.

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